Frequently Asked Questions

How soon will I receive an offer on my house?

As soon as we can carefully evaluate your home to determine the market value based upon its current condition. We also factor in things such as the amount of work needed—remember,none of the cost to bring it up to date will be on you. This allows you to walk away without any liability.

Will you be buying my property via bank financing, or will you be buying cash?

We do not seek bank financing;we will pay with cash.

How long will it take to close on the purchase of my house?

Typically, the sale closes in 30 days,but if for some reason you need more time,then that time can be doubled at your request.

Why should I choose your company?

By selling to us,you can enjoy all the benefits of dealing with a cash buyer. For qualifying sellers,we come in and pay all cash. What does this mean for you?We can close on a date of your choice, you have the options to avoid real estate commissions (6 to 7%), closing costs, excise tax, transfer tax, title insurance,and escrow fees.This means whatever price we agree upon can be the net amount you walk away with if the property is free and clear.

Are you a realtor?

No, although we work with realtors if necessary.

Does my house need to be up to code or modernized by today's standards?

No, we will buy your house as is,in its current condition.

How can we be assured of a safe, secure,and discreet transaction?

We operate fully within state and federal guidelines,dealing directly with a local title company to facilitate the transaction in all states where this process is applicable. In states where title companies are not present, we deal directly with a licensed and reputable attorney to facilitate the closing of the transaction. That attorney is the third party that makes sure both parties get what we agree to.

In what states do you buy property?

We buy in the following markets (and cities surrounding them):Atlanta, GA | Chicago, IL | Cleveland, OH | Dallas, TX | Memphis, TN | Phoenix, AZ | Louisville, KY | Davenport, IA | Denver, CO | Detroit, MI | Philadelphia, PA | Charlotte, NC | Fort Myers,FL | Columbia, SCWe will soon be buying in many more states,as we are actively expanding.

How would you describe the process?

The best way to describe the process of working with Middle Ground Properties is easy and stress-free,as we handle all the heavy lifting for a seamless and trustworthy cash transaction

Whether you are looking to sell to avoid foreclosure, relocate, or simply get a house, commercial unit, or parcel of land off your hands, we are here to help.

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